Sport and many other leisure activities offered by Baia del Sole


Water Aerobics is one of the new activities in the field of water sports. Water Aerobics is synonymous with water gymnastics to the rhythm of music. Moving in water allows the human body's apparatuses to enjoy numerous benefits::

  • Cardio circulatory and respiratory system: increases diuresis, stimulates venous return and promotes peripheral circulation.
  • Muscular and osteo-articular system: the joints and the vertebral column are subjected to less load, the musculature is fully engaged, offering water a 360 ° resistance.
  • Emotional and psychological sphere: the individual enjoys the activity as an outlet from everyday stresses and a climate of relaxation and interaction with the group.


Aerobic gymnastics is certainly among the longest disciplines in the modern fitness scene, probably second only to activity with weights. Through the process that led from the limelight to the current conception, it has undergone numerous transformations and adjustments. There are many effects from a point of view of biological and physiological implications. Being an aerobic activity it allows a particularly high caloric consumption, around 400 / 600Kcal for each hour, taking advantage of the involving effect of the music and the choreographies specially created by the instructors, considerably reduces the risk of monotony and repetition typical of other aerobic activities , such as jogging, or the practice of indoor cardio-fitness activities. Aerobic gymnastics is a group activity par excellence, it allows you to socialize and engage with other enthusiasts, meet people, while pursuing a condition of well-being and acquiring excellent levels of resistance and dexterity.


Our entertainers are selected to best guarantee an unforgettable holiday. Kindness, cheerfulness and professionalism are the winning weapons for our success. At scheduled times, staff activities take the stage both on the beach and in the pool, the star will always be our guests: small and large.


Dancing is not just a sport, but a way of seeing and living life. Anyone can learn, there are no requirements or age limits. The only thing that matters is the passion and the desire to have fun. The world of dance is made of lights, colors, fashion and music; simple things that can give you emotions and make you dream. Dancing brings joy into one's life and certainly makes sure you meet new people and make new friends.


The step lesson provides a series of dynamic exercises for getting on and off the platform following a constant rhythm marked by the music. The activity performed on the step improves the efficiency of the cardio-vascular apparatus and at the same time it acts on the tonic-trophic state of the lower limbs with a work of high intensity, but of low impact.


The spinning lessons are guided by a loud music that gives you the charge and allows you to finish a whole hour of training without even feeling tired and above all without getting bored. This is why spinning has increasingly taken off in all Italian gyms and among our customers on our beach, who love to keep fit.


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